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Over 5 million sea trips made for Nowruz holidays

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Over 5 million sea trips made for Nowruz holidays

TEHRAN – More than five million sea travels have been recorded for the Nowruz holidays, which officially started on March 20.

Over 5 million sea trips made for Nowruz holidays

“Sea travel is proceeding smoothly,” the spokesperson of Maritime Travels noted, announcing that more than 5 million sea voyages have been recorded throughout the time of the Nowruz holidays.

In a recent interview with CHTN, Allah-Morad Afifipour provided a comprehensive overview of the latest status of the Nowruz travel facilitation plan, revealing that altogether 5,437,000 sea travels have been recorded in both northern and southern ports since March 14.

Detailing the figure of these voyages, Afifipour disclosed that 3,230,000 passenger trips and 2,207,000 tourist trips were recorded which underscores the significance of maritime transportation as a preferred mode of transit for both locals and visitors during the festive holiday season.

The spokesperson also highlighted the movement of 605,000 vehicles between the mainland and the islands of Kish and Qeshm, facilitating the mobility of travelers and enhancing accessibility to these sought-after destinations.

In addition to passenger and vehicle transportation, Afifipour emphasized the crucial role played by a total number of 27,000 passenger ferries, facilitating the smooth transfer of individuals between various coastal points.

Despite the significant volume of maritime activities, Afifipour expressed satisfaction with the overall safety record, attributing it to the diligent monitoring, supervision, and proactive measures implemented by the Ports and Maritime Organization.

In his concluding remark, the spokesperson pointed to the ongoing smooth traffic flow in both northern and southern parts of the country, assuring that continuing efforts are underway to enhance the overall travel experience for holidaymakers.

It's noteworthy that on March 17, Hormozgan’s Director-General of the Ports and Maritime announced that 43 newly activated passenger vessels with a capacity of 4,707 people along with 46 special landing crafts for transporting 1,892 vehicles are part of the Nowruz travels facilitation plan's implementation to cater to holidaymakers in the best possible way.

Hossein Abbasnejad also noted that the facilitation plan started on March 15 and will continue until April 3.

According to the statistics revealed by related officials, coastal Hormozgan province alone has hosted more than four million holidaymakers in the course of Nowruz, of which approximately three million traveled to the islands.