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Israel says it is detaining 9312 Palestinians

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Israel says it is detaining 9,312 Palestinians

According to HaMoked, an Israeli rights group, the Israel Prisoner Service released its latest data on incarcerated Palestinians, which shows that 40 percent of those detained are being held in “administrative detention” without trial.

Israel says it is detaining 9,312 Palestinians

The organization said the number of Palestinians incarcerated has more than doubled since October 7 but administrative detentions “were on the rise long before that date”, according to Al Jazeera. 

The data does not include laborers from the Gaza Strip and others who were in Israel lawfully with permits on the eve of October 7, following which, “Israel cancelled all permits and has held these people, reportedly numbering over 4,000 as of late October 2023, in Anatot and Ofer military camps,” HaMoked said.