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Iranian young filmmaker wins award at American festival

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Iranian young filmmaker wins award at American festival

TEHRAN-Iranian young filmmaker Hamidreza Arjomandi won an award at the 25th Through Women's Eyes International Film Festival, which was held in Florida, the U.S., in mid-March.

Iranian young filmmaker wins award at American festival

Arjomandi received the Best Emerging Filmmaker award from the festival for directing the short film “The Borders Never Die,” ILNA reported.

The 15-minute movie tells the story of families forced to cross borders due to the war in their homeland. The challenging journey, undertaken by a Kurdish couple from Iraqi Kurdistan, when the woman is pregnant, unfolds against the backdrop of impassable roads.

The short flick has so far received accolades at various international film events, including the Lift India Film Festival, Give Peace A Screen in Italy, the Bangladesh Short Film Festival, and the 4th Diogenes Film Festival in Georgia among others.

The Through Women's Eyes International Film Festival is dedicated to women filmmakers and films that address issues inadequately represented in the mainstream media.

Mainstream media – all film, television, journalism, digital and print publications – are overwhelmingly created by men, especially white men. Women are only 19 percent of expert interviewees and 17 percent of film directors from the top 250 films, they are outnumbered by men 3 to 1 as lead characters in family movies, and those are just a few current examples.

Media influences everything: the way people walk and talk, the careers they seek, the partners they choose, the way they raise their children, the clothes and cars they buy, and the way they vote. A non-biased media is essential to progress toward gender equality, and yes, that will take a while.

Since establishment, the festival has shared fresh voices and underrepresented perspectives with theater and online audiences. It is known for presenting a carefully curated selection of shorts and feature films from all over the world. In addition to the great film offerings, it informs viewers about media misrepresentation, helping to spread the word and bring about change.