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Who was General Zahedi

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Who was General Zahedi?

TEHRAN - Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Zahedi was a respected military leader who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with distinguished commanders during his lifetime. His dedication and tireless service to his country commenced at the young age of 20, with the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war.

Who was General Zahedi?

Born in November 1960 to a religious family in Esfahan, Zahedi's early interest in Islamic teachings and literature led him to become acquainted with Imam Khomeini. Engaging in Iran's struggle against the Shah, Zahedi, alongside millions of other Iranians, played a role in the 1979 Islamic Revolution that brought independence to Iran while he was still in his teenage years.

Following the establishment of the Islamic Republic, Zahedi faced new challenges as he joined Iranian forces in confronting Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, who had initiated a brutal and relentless war against Iran. During this period, Zahedi interacted with prominent Iranian military leaders such as General Hossein Kharrazi, known as the commander of the “Lion Frontier,” and General Ahmad Kazemi, who greatly contributed to Iran's liberation and security throughout the Iran-Iraq war and after the conflict.   

Zahedi's leadership journey began as he assumed command of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps' 14th Imam Hussein Division after General Kharazi's martyrdom during the Karbala-5 operation. Subsequently, he led the ground and air forces of the IRGC before being appointed to lead the elite Quds Forces in Lebanon and Syria.

Brigadier General Zahedi is believed to have strategized Hezbollah's operations against Israel in the 2000s, alongside the renowned resistance leader Imad Mughniyeh.

Following his martyrdom during the Israeli regime's attack on Iran's embassy in Syria, Zahedi's family shared with the media how he tirelessly worked to ensure peace and regional security while avoiding the spotlight. 

“He was renowned for his good character, which cannot be easily captured in a single attribute. He strove to carry out his actions sincerely and for the sake of God's pleasure. My father avoided the limelight and worked behind the scenes tirelessly day and night. Perhaps he only slept 4 to 5 hours and was constantly engaged in activities,” Mohammad Mahdi Zahedi, the son of the late military leader, told Iranian media on April 1, the day Israel struck Iran’s embassy in the Syrian capital. 

General Zahedi will be laid to rest in his hometown Esfahan next to his dear friend and commander, the martyr Kharazi. "Martyrdom was the ultimate reward bestowed upon him by God. My father achieved his deepest desire."