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The embassies of the Zionist regime should not be safe

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The embassies of the Zionist regime should not be safe!

TEHRAN - In a note, Kayhan discussed the attack of the Zionist regime on the consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus and the martyrdom of some IRGC military advisers in Syria.

The embassies of the Zionist regime should not be safe!

It wrote: America, England, and the Zionist regime have repeatedly pointed out the Islamic Republic of Iran as the main enemy of Israel and declared the current war, which has marked Israel's deteriorating conditions, was formed and is being followed by the management and support of Islamic Iran. The Zionists, who are approaching the downfall with a rapid movement these days and are seeing the end of their life, have attacked the Iranian consulate in Damascus. This move clearly shows that the Zionist criminals have reached a rock bottom and are doing everything they can. Contrary to the laws known in international law, the Zionist regime has launched a military attack on the Iranian consulate in a third country, therefore, based on the principle of retaliation, it is the indisputable right of Islamic Iran to attack the embassies and consulates of the fake Israeli regime in any other country. The United Nations, which has recognized the Zionist regime, must respect this right in international law and support Iran's attack on the diplomatic centers of the fake Israeli regime.

Iran: False claim by Reuters

In a commentary, the Iran newspaper addressed the claim of Reuters about the recent deadly attack on a concert hall in Moscow and said: This news agency claimed that Iran had informed Russia of the possibility of a major terrorist operation in this country without specifying the exact time and purpose. Also, according to Reuters, since Iran itself has been a victim of terrorist attacks for years, the Iranian authorities fulfilled their obligations to warn Moscow based on the information obtained from the arrested terrorists. But no Moscow official has yet confirmed this new claim by Reuters. This British news agency has a history of falsifying news about Iran and Russia, and its claims in this regard are considered invalid until official authorities confirm them because Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for the Russian presidential palace, said that Moscow had not received any information related to the security threat from Iran before this attack.

Arman-e-Melli: The Iran of 2015, is not the Iran of 2024

Arman-e-Melli wrote in an article: Rafael Grossi, the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, repeated his previous claims and considered diplomacy "inevitable" to resolve the Iran nuclear issue. He stated that the issue of Iran's nuclear program is "very complicated."  By bringing up Iran's internal issues and alleged human rights violations and Iran's military aid to Russia for the Ukraine war, the Western parties have brought the negotiations to a deadlock. Nevertheless, Iran has repeatedly emphasized that it is ready to finalize a "good agreement" in Vienna to cancel all sanctions, which is in line with Iran's national interests if the Western parties show the necessary goodwill and political will. But according to Grossi, the reality is that the Iran of 2015 is not the Iran of 2024. While the IAEA director general's concern about the level of uranium enrichment in Iran is emphasized, the Iranian officials have repeatedly emphasized that the production and use of nuclear weapons has no place in Iran's defense program and the nature of Iran's nuclear program is purely peaceful.

Javan: Proving the historical claim of the Islamic revolution against Western civilization

In an analysis, Javan discussed the proving of Iran's ideology towards Western human rights and said: The historical claim of the Islamic Revolution against Western civilization and its main slogan, human rights, which it considered fake and dishonest, was proved in the way of facing the West with the Gaza issue. The Islamic Revolution had a clear case against the West. The West claimed the true human rights in the last two hundred years. However, the case of Gaza was proof of the West's human rights claims being fake, something that could not be proven with any other means. In fact, the West lost, it even lost morality and humanity, and the blow that the West delivered to its civilization in the Gaza war is irreparable. Some experts officially said that the claim of the Revolution and the Islamic Republic against the West was proved like a mathematical equation. If this truth had been proven in favor of the West, they would not have allowed their opponents to breathe for another hundred years, but now no one wants them to be silent for the next hundred years and only answer their false claims of the past one hundred years.