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Commander affirms readiness of operational units to counter threats

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Commander affirms readiness of operational units to counter threats

TEHRAN- Brigadier General Sadeghian, Commander of the northern air defense region, has emphasized the preparedness of operational units to confront potential threats.

Commander affirms readiness of operational units to counter threats

He underscored the ability to swiftly adapt strategies in response to enemy infiltration, ensuring a decisive advantage.

During an inspection of the defense positions under the 'Velayat' plan, Brigadier General Sadeghian meticulously assessed the combat readiness, defensive capabilities, and equipment status of the unit.

In his remarks during the visit, he highlighted the pivotal role of dedicated and skilled personnel, alongside the utilization of technical expertise among affiliated members, in driving significant enhancements within the Air Defense Force.

He reiterated the readiness of operational forces to address looming threats and emphasized the agility in adapting strategies to counter enemy infiltration, guaranteeing an element of surprise.

The commander reiterated the solemn duty entrusted to the border guards of Islamic Iran in safeguarding the nation's air borders and critical nuclear sites, affirming the relentless commitment of defense personnel, who utilize all available capacities and platforms around the clock.

Back in mid-January, the commander of the Southwest Air Defense Region, asserted that the Air Defense Force's Bavar 373 systems and Karrar unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) neutralize threats. 

Brigadier General Saeed Amiri emphasized that defense systems are crucial components of national security, playing a fundamental role in safeguarding Iran's interests.  

He highlighted the importance of continuous advancements in defense capabilities, emphasizing that stable security is contingent upon the rapid progress of these systems.

The general underscored that the unveiling of cutting-edge systems like Bavar 373 and Karrar UAVs equipped with Majid missiles serves as a testament to Iran's rapid strides in defense technology.
He described these systems as the Air Defense Force's ace in the hole, effectively countering any potential threats.

In conclusion, General Amiri underscored that the defense systems unveiled thus far represent a mere fraction of Iran's impressive achievements. 

He affirmed that the country retains its capacity to unveil even more sophisticated defense capabilities in times of critical need, reiterating Iran's unwavering commitment to national security and the defense of its national interests.