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IRGC commander tours southeastern borders commends border guards efforts

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IRGC commander tours southeastern borders, commends border guards' efforts

TEHRAN- A senior commander from Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) paid a visit to the southeastern borders of the country on Friday, commending the efforts of border guards in ensuring the security of the nation's frontiers.

IRGC commander tours southeastern borders, commends border guards' efforts

During the visit, IRGC Ground Force Commander Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour expressed appreciation for the dedication of the border guards, highlighting their role in serving Islam and Muslims, which he emphasized as "crucial for gaining both people's satisfaction and divine approval."

General Pakpour also undertook an evaluation of the combat and operational capabilities of the border guards, while inspecting the equipment and facilities in place to support their missions.

In late February, the general warned against foreign schemes aiming to harm regional security, saying Iran would not hesitate to make direct responses to such plots. 

“Security is one of the most vital pillars, a red line, and the axis of our unity. Therefore, we are extremely sensitive about it and do not hesitate to take any action to protect and safeguard it. We do not joke or play around with anyone or any power regarding this important matter,” he stated. 

Pakpour explained that foreign forces have been recruiting individuals across West Asia to create a sprawling network of terrorists. “The enemy is making every effort to challenge the security of the region and disrupt the peace and comfort of the people through some blind actions, which involve hiring and recruiting certain individuals and supporting terrorist groups indirectly within the framework of these actions,” he noted.  

According to General Pakpour, security is the foundation of tranquility, development, progress, the infrastructure of life, and activity, and for this reason, the enemy has made significant investments to undermine and damage it.