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Foreign journalists visit Pinggu District Hometown of Peaches in China

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Foreign journalists visit Pinggu District ‘Hometown of Peaches’ in China

BEIJING- Almost 100 journalists from more than 90 countries around the world visited Pinggu District, in the northeast of Beijing, in a one-day tour on Monday (April 29).

Foreign journalists visit Pinggu District ‘Hometown of Peaches’ in China

Pinggu District focuses on the development of agriculture, also referred to as the "Hometown of Peaches" in China, possessing the largest peach garden in the world.

It has been awarded as the Most Internationally Influential Tourism County, China's Major Eco-tourism County and the National Demonstrative County for Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism. The Jinhai Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center located in the district, is the main venue of the 2020 World Leisure Games.

Pinggu is of a temperate continental monsoon climate, with distinctive four seasons, winter the longest, summer the second and spring and autumn short.

Pinggu District enjoys a fairly long history. As early as the Paleolithic Age, which was tens of thousands of years or even 100,000 years ago, human beings already started to live on this land. Nearly 6,700 years away from today, Pinggu ancestors created a brilliant and splendid Shangzhai Culture. It is the first national forest urban area of Beijing, and one of Beijing's ecological conservation areas, with the forest coverage rate of 67.94 percent, ranking the first in Beijing.

During their one-day tour to Pinggu District, foreign journalists got familiar with agricultural achievements in this district through visiting different sites such as a food processing factory, and a product selection center, where diverse products are offered as categorized into five main types: Scholar Farms' products, Agricultural ZGC Food and Nutrition Valley goods, Silk Road e-commerce imports, high-tech agriculture, large-flow logistics, and new-trend leisure specialties, and products from outside, featuring over 1000 products in total.

The last part of that visit was participating in a conference on Live Streaming E-commerce.

It should be mentioned that China International Press Communication Center (CIPCC) arranged the visit to Pinggu District for the foreign journalists.

CIPCC, under the China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA), has initiated a program to build a platform for the media from countries around the world, especially developing countries, to observe China and study development in this country.

The program aimed at media exchange was halted in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

In each edition of the program, journalists from all around the world gather together to get familiar with the modern China and exchange their experiences in the field of journalism.

In 2024 edition of the program, scheduled to be held from late February until late June, over 100 journalists from more than 90 countries are participating.

Photo: Conference on Live Streaming E-commerce in Pinggu District ‘Hometown of Peaches’ in China (By Mahnaz Abdi)