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US defense system had 25 success rate during Iran retaliation report

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U.S. defense system had 25% success rate during Iran retaliation: report

TEHRAN - Only two out of eight U.S. interceptors successfully intercepted Iranian projectiles during the drone and missile attack that targeted Israeli positions in the occupied territories last month, according to Israel’s Army Radio.

U.S. defense system had 25% success rate during Iran retaliation: report

The report also claimed that over 90% of Israeli interceptors hit their targets.

Iran fired dozens of drones and missiles at the occupied territories on April 14 to hit military targets involved in an earlier Israeli strike on the Iranian embassy in Damascus. Military officials in Tehran announced that they could successfully destroy their designated targets which were scattered between the Negev Desert and the Golan Heights.  

Israeli and American media and officials, however, have been releasing contradictory information on the impact of Iran’s retaliation. Shortly after the attack, the regime’s military spokesman said 99% of the projectiles fired by Iran had been intercepted. That figure was then challenged by U.S. officials who told American media that no more than 86% of the Iranian drones and missiles could be downed. 

The latest report suggesting a low success rate of U.S. defense systems in comparison to Israeli defense systems is also in contrast with an April Intercept piece which revealed that the majority of the Iranian projectiles were downed by the U.S., and not Israel. 

Apart from contradictory remarks, a ban on the distribution of footage showing the targeted areas during or after Iran’s attack has also cast doubt on Israeli and American authorities’ transparency.